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A Hermit’s Story

2023, Italy, Pal MiniDV | 720×576 pixel | 25fps (progressive scan) | 41′ | Written, directed, edited by Jozefien Van der Aelst

Sound design, additional music and post-production for this profound and poetic docu-fiction by Jozefien Van der Aelst.

“Traveling to high altitudes, along the sites and sounds of a haunted mountain range with a troubled history, we come to know a solitary man who is living alone in a deserted village where he is acting out the part of a foreboding watchman. However, within his world on top of the mountain, Graziano is not only foreseeing and reflecting on worldly affairs “down there”, he also fights ghosts vandalizing his property and hints at a spiritual reality beyond material living. Graziano writes down spiritual spells, political comments and opinions on wood and cardboard and assembles them all over the village. Next to being a painter of signs for his “yard show”, Graziano also adopts the persona of an amorous opera singer and uses the desacralized church as his stage for his hymns to love. In Graziano’s constant search for a long lost love, the film is filled with a melancholic longing. We search with him for the shadow of this woman and her identity. Will he ever be able to give his desire a name? In this speculative film of hermetic life, the camera gazes at Graziano’s folk art environment and delves into his outsider melancholic enclave filled with both desire and rage.”

Director : Jozefien Van der Aelst

Production : KINO KOMBAT filmproduction

Sound recordist : Eduardo Scussel

Producer : Fred Kelemen

Music : Akira Rabelais

Supported by HET BOS and AADK SPAIN

> Currently in international competition